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Conditions We Treat at Fusion Chiropractic Center We treat a wide variety of conditions with our chiropractic treatments. Whether you’re interested in treating a pain you’ve been experiencing or were involved in an accident and wish to recover your mobility, let Fusion Chiropractic Center help you recover. We offer a wide variety of chiropractic treatments that will help improve your mobility, ease your pains, and relieve any issues you might have with your muscles.

We’re Here to Help

Dr. Donald Chiappetta and his team of skilled associates have many years of experience treating a variety of injuries and conditions. Our patients approach us with concerns ranging from lower back pain to scoliosis, and we pride ourselves on creating personalized treatment plans to suit the individual. In addition to chiropractic care, our practice also offers physical rehabilitation, massage, sports injury treatment, and more. We strive to offer dynamic solutions that allow our patients to lead healthy, fulfilling lives.

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